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Looking For Gate Installation Services in Vacavile Area?

Over time any type of fence that is not well kept is going to start showing those signs of wear and tear. Our gate installation and fence repair services are primarily geared to provide regular maintenance to these fixtures. To ensure that they remain to look the part even after some years on the job. If you came here through Googling “ fence repair near me” and you have a particular problem you can also rest assured that we are going to be able to help. Whether it’s a gate issue, where automatic gates won’t open or close properly, or just a fence that has seen better days.

Making Sure All Of The Fence and Gate Components Are Well Kept

Have you ever heard the phrase “running like a well-oiled machine”? In our gate installation and fence repair services, it applies quite literally. Sure we can repaint, or re-stain fences and gates all we want. If the doors are not able to open and close at will having a good looking fence is not as valuable. More often than not though, it’s not that hard to keep these fences and gates up to par. Getting a handyman to come in and make sure that all of the components, especially on gates, are well greased up and not overly squeaky can actually go a long way.

Repainting & Re Staining

A big part of our gate installation and fence repair services has to be our ability to repaint or re-stain fences and gates. As we’ve mentioned we have to make sure that they operate properly first. A lot of times though just being out in the sun can make the original paint job fade away. With a proper paint job done in time, you can literally take years off of your fences and gates. That is exactly what we are going to be able to provide for you.

Automatic Gate Repairs

If you have garage door issues or have some type of trouble dealing with automatic gates we are also going to be able to help you get the mechanism working again. Most of these issues are actually due to very common and easy to fix situations. Before you want to go out and replace your open and close system be sure to give us a call and give us a chance to take a look at it. There is a good shot that the problem can be solved relatively quickly and easily.

What Types of Gates & Fences Can You Repair?

This is obviously a common question that we get about our gate installation and fence repair services. We can safely say that we are going to be able to repair virtually any type of fence and gate. Wooden fences are no problem, we do carpentry work after all. The same thing goes though, for vinyl, iron, or chain-link fences. We are seriously going to be able to help you repair virtually any type of fence or gate. Give us a call and help us prove that!

Automatic gates use a motor to control the motion of the gate door. How the gate will open will dictate the type of gate operator that will be required. Some driveway gates have a door that slides from left to right, while other automatic gates swing open and close.

The image shows the general basic idea how automatic driveway gates work. There are many options available to when it comes to gate operators. This includes range extenders, video screens, cameras, solar, and electric eyes. There are also many options were you can access and operate your automatic driveway gate from an app on your smart phone.

Looking For Gate Installation Contractor in Vacavile Area?

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