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When people think of a local handyman they often think of someone that is able to help you get a variety of jobs done. Yet, there is an idea that the job is not going to be done with the same quality that you could get from a professional.

We think that is not necessarily the case. The reason why we have ventured into providing a wider variety of services than most professionals is that we started providing these services to meet a particular demand. Usually working under teachers that knew the trade.

When we started this local handyman business it was because we felt ready to venture out and provide our own services. If you really think about it, there is a good chance that we’ve seen as many if not more electrical problems than a “certified professional”, the same goes for plumbing for painting. In general, construction that tends to happen.

What we are basically saying about ourselves is that we are as qualified as anyone to provide the services that we happen to offer. We wouldn’t be offering those services if we did not feel comfortable with the type of results that we are able to provide.

Hiring us to provide a service does not necessarily mean that you have to expect a lesser quality result. We have a lot of examples that prove this. If you wish to look at them before you commit to booking any one of the services that we happen to provide.

As a rule, most states have what’s called a “Minor Work Exemption” or “Handyman Exemption”. This exemption defines the maximum dollar amount that a handyman can charge for a job before needing a license. It may also specify the kind of work you can do without a license.

To find out about state's licensing requirements start by exploring your state contractor’s board website. Once you’ve found out what you need, pay attention to any regulations about how you advertise your business. If you’re unlicensed, some states require you to include this fact in your marketing or forbid advertising altogether. Furthermore, if a client asks you to do something outside the handyman scope set by your state (usually specialized work like plumbing, electrical, or HVAC), you must turn that work down.

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